Sunday, May 2, 2010

Neville (New Zealand)

Being an atheist comes naturally as my mind is a logical mind. I just can’t understand the illogic of believing in some sort of out of body creature. (I sound a bit like Spoc) I started in the Presbyterian Church – sent there by my parents but gave it up over 40 years ago with the excuse I needed the study time for School certificate (NZ qualification). It was also about the time our Bible class was asked the question, “who is god” and no one could answer it. Since then I have read a lot of history etc and can see how we as a population have been manipulated by the Catholic (common) church for 2000 years. A year or 2 ago I found Hawkins book the God Delusion and have since read more of his books. I have always “known” there is no God. Its not as if I don’t believe in God, I know there is no God. So to be labelled an Atheist is almost an insult as it assumes a reference of believing in God hence an Atheist is a disbeliever – I like to consider myself as a knower not a dis-believer. It’s a slightly different viewpoint.

If you understand anything about electronics then measurements have a reference point. For example cars have 12 volts systems positive with reference to ground. But years ago they used to have positive earthed vehicles. They were still 12 volts but negative with respect to earth. If you stand on a table, the floor is now 3 feet below (or negative) with respect to your feet. You are still 6 feet tall but now you are 9 feet above ground. If you can follow my analogy, an Atheist is a term used by Christians to define a non-believer. So by taking my reference as knowing there is no God, what do I call myself and what do I call someone who thinks there is a God? The reference point is from my side of the argument not the Christian point of view.

My reason for laboring this point is the term Atheist always seems a derogatory term and to proclaim yourself as an Atheist usually draws derision from any one near you who has this blind faith. We as “atheists” are expected to tread softly in our community to avoid insulting the others but it's ok for them to knock on our doors, preach it in the newspapers etc. I am getting more and more determined to tell believers how insulted I am if they put their viewpoint my way.

Being a person who knows there is no god hasn’t affected my life. I still believe in being honest in business and one of the 10 commandments that basically says “do unto others………..” In others words treat other people the same way they treat me. If they want to start preaching to me, be prepared to get it back. Many of the people I know and associate with do not believe in god and thinks it's all pretty stupid but once again, they are the silent majority who don’t want to speak out for fear of reprisals from the Christian community.

A god just isn’t logical.

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