Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HungyDingo (USA)

What was the final "trigger" that convinced you to become an atheist?
I was 16 and sitting in English class. I was gradually getting angrier and angrier at God for a lot of things. Finally one day it just snapped, there is no loving God sitting up in the sky somewhere and this religion is bullshit. It felt good to finally say it. I felt good to finally debate against Christianity against believers, blaspheme their religion in front of them and shock some people who knew I was a devout Christian. I took a lot of joy in that. I don't do that anymore, I am respectful of other's believes, but at the time I was a pissed-off 16 year old.

How did your decision to become an atheist affect your life?
Being an atheist has cost me some relationships. Even when I thought the girls were just your typical "I believe in God, don't go to church or anything" people who come across as Christianity lite. I did become less judgmental on people, shaped some of my political views by becoming more libertarian and less authoritarian, believing people can live their life the way they want to and it's none of my damn business as long as they don't directly affect someone else negatively. I also became a lot more comfortable with myself, I finally let go and started living instead of worrying about the world going to hell. When I was younger, I had a huge problem with the thought that people drank, smoked, had premarital sex, experimented with drugs, and homosexuality. Now none of those things bother me and aside from the homosexuality and smoking I've done it all. All in all, I'm a much happier person who enjoys life so much more.

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