Sunday, February 21, 2010

Will (UK)

My rather relaxed Christian parents had me Baptised in '96 when I was three. I've always thought that was silly, as a toddler would just think they're being drowned. Don't remember much religion in my early life, I know I went to an Anglican Sunday-school when I was 6. My primary school wasn't a faith school but there was religious influence e.g. Hymns every Thursday. I remember in 2001 when they tried to explain away 9/11... sorry, I'm reminiscing.

I got Confirmed in 2006 without really knowing much about the Bible but acted very passionate about it. Then someone recommended a Christian Youth-Club called IMPACT which led to my brainwashing. I went with them to the festival Soul Survivor which was very hands-in-the-air worship (now I look back it was SO fucktarded, and I've sent an e-mail to them explaining that). I thought I had a couple of religious experiences there... I couldn't find a way of scientifically explain what was going on. I heard about Calvinism from SS 2010, which led me to a more harsh, fundamentalist, YEC, "God-hates-you" style of Christianity, not the kind adopted by SS. I was about to go and find a Primitive Baptist church to join when I stumbled across a little book called the God Delusion, and started paying more attention in Science lessons and to other people's views.

Over three weeks of a lot of thinking and yes, praying, I decided that this didn't really work. Science, common sense and Dawkins is the short answer. And blimey, it's liberating. I now no longer look at someone as a potential convert or someone that my God hates. Just another human, part of a beautiful accident, for some reason called Earth.

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