Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gliss (UK)

As the child of Irish Catholics (who never went to church), religion was ingrained. Although I never went to church after my teens, but sadly the wooo stays with you. My husband is a Methodist preacher and I went along to that church for many years, a welcome relief from Catholic dogma. In my forties I realised I was agnostic.

After Mum died, I discovered I had an older brother, we did not know that my mother had been in one of the Magdalene Irish homes run by nuns. He had been looking for his family for years (long separate story). It is now very well documented that the Irish clergy inflicted sexual abuse on children in industrial schools in Ireland. It was only then that I had the time (got BSc) or inclination to really question religion and became atheist at the age of 50.

Our relationship with our new brother is fantastic, although we cannot see each other as often as we would like. I am however, very resentful of the impact religion has had on my life and I envy all you here who have not had religion inflicted on them or their education.

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